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We offer a selection of pens for custom engraving with both text and and images. There are two popular styles, the standard Sierra one part pen and the elegant Half-Twist 2 part pen. Other styles are available upon request. Our pens are hand turned from local hardwood, each pen is uniquely hand-crafted and made right here in Lanark County.

Some selected maple comes from a tree that was cut down when the Fortune Farms sugar camp was rebuilt in the early 2000's. These pens show fascinating patterns from the old tap holes. Inquire for availability.

Maple and cherry pens are in stock. Other kinds of wood (oak, olive wood, etc.) are available upon request.

Sierra-Engraved (1 side)$23.50$21.50Halftwist-Engraved (1 side)$26.50$23.50
Sierra-Engraved (Both sides)$25.00$23.00Halftwist-Engraved (Both sides)$28.50$26.50

Halftwist Pencils available, Add $5 for additional materials

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